Patent Search & Research


Inventive-IP – with all its search & research capabilities – is also offered as an add-in app for Microsoft Office 365.

The Inventive-IP Lite add-in for Microsoft Office 365 allows you to conduct IP research and incorporate it directly into your Office documents online, as you work. By creating a single work environment, this cloud-based solution saves time and effort of searching from one system to another, minimizing errors and helping you keep organized and up-to-date.

How it works

So simple and intuitive, anyone can use it! To find and access the patent information you need, just highlight the relevant texts on the document you’re working on, and with the click of a button, let Inventive-IP perform an automated search.

After the results are served, you can easily integrate our proprietary search results and publication information back into your documents. In fact, it’s so effective that you can write a new patent application or competitive report without having to switch software/systems, or leave your desk.

You can now download our free app from the Microsoft Store and start working immediately. Extended capabilities are available with a paid subscription. To get the Inventive-IP app from the Microsoft Store, click here.

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