Patent Monitoring

Why monitor IP

Businesses and legal professionals alike can benefit from comprehensive patent monitoring:

To initiate or join opposition to developing patents
To know about challenged patent prosecutions made by others
To watch for changes in patent ownerships
To safeguard your freedom to operate
To see where the industry, or your competitors are going

Let Patent Sentry perform your monitoring – so you can focus on your business

Patent monitoring is extremely time-consuming, and often returns so many results that it is almost impossible to see what’s really relevant and important.

That’s why you need a reliable, automated system to stay abreast of legal events like change of assignment, third-party opposition and certain amendments that require timely action on your part.

Patent Sentry monitors your Intellectual Property and that of your competitors and other players in similar technical and scientific domains. It then highlights the most relevant changes or events in published Intellectual Property through regular reports, tailored to your needs.

Patent Sentry offers a number of separate services for your convenience:


Patent Sentry generates a growing number of analytics with real business meaning by analyzing the publications on the “Watch List”. Using this information, Patent Sentry computes and reports findings, such as "mutual publications", "number of office actions", etc.

One-time report

This report delivers a comprehensive, yet easy to consume history of the publications included in the Watch List, relevant to your specific IP monitoring need.

Ongoing monitoring

This service begins with the comprehensive one-time report (see above). Patent Sentry then continuously monitors for changes and developments in the publications included in the Watch List, compiling them into a report, according to your specifications, and generates a report as needs.

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The Process

Getting started, and continuing to work with the Patent Sentry service is extremely easy:



Provide us with basic information that will allow us to create a secure, private workspace, for you and your monitoring projects.


Define your Watch List

Tell us what to monitor, by specifying the publications and legal events you are interested in.

Or, if you prefer, we can create your Watch List for you. Just provide us with text describing your novelty, and we’ll send you a list of suggested publications.


Place your order

No surprises: Use our calculator to determine how much the service will cost, and if necessary, modify your order to fit your budget.

Then fill in your details, and you’re good to go!


Receive comprehensive reports

You will receive reports direct to your registered email and/or your private workspace, at predetermined intervals.

If you want to change the monitoring criteria at any time – just go to your workspace on our website, and modify your Watch List there.