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Until now, Semantic Search was limited to professional searchers. Now, we hide the complexity and provide you with our easy to use Semantic Search, accessible for free.

Just paste or type your text, press “Search”, and get results.

Not happy with the results? Refine your text, and Search again!

Want more? Our non-free WEB version is just around the corner!

Want much more? Write to us at, and schedule a demo of our Inventive-IP Pro, where advanced search is offered to IP professionals and inventors.

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Competitive Analysis:

  • Get high level view of your market.
  • — What is the competition focused on?
  • — Have they shifted between domains?
  • — Who are their leading inventors?
  • More insights coming soon!

Enter a list of Patents or Patent Applications, and get a BI (Business Intelligence) overview that answers business relevant questions!


Patents Monitoring: Intellectual Property lifecycle may progress in many venues:

  • The USPTO and other patent offices arbitrate between the public and patent owners;
  • PTAB and other institutions are managing disputes;
  • Corporates and Competitors battle over IP rights in Patents Offices, courts, US and other ITCs (International Trade Commissions).

Our simple approach:

Patent Sentry helps you define what you are after, collects information from many resources, and compiles them to a very clear, short format.

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Moshe Mizrahy


Former VC, entrepreneur, brought several companies to IPO and M&A, former CEO of Syneron (Nasdaq ELOS), CEO of Home Skinovation.

Nadav Kenneth


MBA, has led several Israeli-US companies to the market. Nadav has a vast background in informatics.

Dr. Ronen Golan


Ronen brings business experience and academic expertise to the product definition efforts of Inventive-IP.

Dr. Moshe Sarfaty

Business Development partner in Palo Alto

PhD (Physics), inventor & entrepreneur, leads Inventive-IP’s penetration into the US market.