About Us

About Qrative

We build toolsets for IP Professionals, based on our unique analysis capabilities, and our continuous understanding of the Industry’s needs

Our Goal

Qrative introduces Inventive-IP, a fresh, efficient and effective toolset and service for IP Missions.

By partnering with leading US and Israeli IP firms, we’ve identified developing needs and opportunities in an evolving IP world. Our clients and partners, faced with cost pressures, extended competition, quickly developing technologies, and regulation, meet a growing demand to be quick and precise.

Inventive-IP sets to advance them to lead the market by being the next generation of research, analysis and workflow solutions. We have the partners, technology and people to allow IP professionals to offer excellent service, and IP developers and owners to access this very professional world with a minimal learning curve.

Moshe Mizrahy


Former VC, entrepreneur, brought several companies to IPO and M&A, former CEO of Syneron (Nasdaq ELOS), CEO of Home Skinovation.

Nadav Kenneth


MBA, has led several Israeli-US companies to the market. Nadav has a vast background in informatics.

Dr. Ronen Golan


Ronen brings business experience and academic expertise to the product definition efforts of Inventive-IP.

Dr. Moshe Sarfaty

Business Development partner in Palo Alto

PhD (Physics), inventor & entrepreneur, leads Inventive-IP’s penetration into the US market.