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Prior Art Search
Portfolio Evaluation and Monitoring
Competitive Landscape
Litigation Support

Key Success Factors

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Our Services

Prior art Search:
Client provided texts are compiled automatically to maps of concepts and to patent queries. Our technology and human expertise provide very fast and accurate results.

Litigation Support:
Our speed and accuracy provide the ability to search during the trial, to respond to opposition, refine strategy and adjust to Markman’s hearing guidelines.

Competition Mapping:
We build a search strategy based on the clients’ directives and supplied information. We then identify competitive players and technologies, map their SWOT, and build clear and effective actionable reports.

We monitor progress of our clients’ own prosecution process, as well as progress in a given IP space or set of competitors.

Key Success Factors

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Moshe Mizrahy


Former VC, entrepreneur, brought several companies to IPO and M&A, former CEO of Syneron (Nasdaq ELOS), CEO of Home Skinovation.

Nadav Kenneth


MBA, has led several Israeli-US companies to the market. Nadav has a vast background in informatics.

Dr. Ronen Golan


Ronen brings business experience and academic expertise to the product definition efforts of Inventive-IP.

Dr. Moshe Sarfaty

Business Development partner in Palo Alto

PhD (Physics), inventor & entrepreneur, leads Inventive-IP’s penetration into the US market.